On the Spaces After a Period

Two spaces after periods? Shouldn’t Google Plus fix that bad habit automatically?

Saw this over at Daring Fireball. Disappointing, because I love John Gruber’s writing. I’m a two-spacer, probably because I was taught that in school, but also because one-space can be confusing or ambiguous with abbreviations.

“They sell candy in the U.S. Mint.”

I will not repeat the arguments for either side here, but the one-spacers have yet to convince me that two-spaces is not a useful and clear standard. They lecture the Internet at large about history and misinformation and authority and foolishness (and stubbornness! as if they themselves are not also stubborn!), but the mint-candy phrase above is inarguably ambiguous.

(And, of course, whatever I write here, it gets turned into HTML, which has to be tricked into displaying two-space formatting. It’s out of my control, but I can live with it either way. When I am in control, I prefer to make the reader’s job easier.)