Do You Compute is written by Dan Nordquist.

I’ve written online since 1994, including “thought leadership” for a few companies.  While my employers know about this space (and encourage my writing on this site), the opinions presented here are not those of my employers.

Speaking of work, I am based in Minneapolis.  I have spoken at a number of local conferences about topics ranging from productivity to estimation. I’m a .NET guy from the start of .NET, actually back to Classic ASP before that. I specialize in web technologies, but I’ve also been a database developer and modeler. My real passion is helping developers grow in their careers, so I’m as interested in developer work habits as I am in developer workstations.

This site is hosted on WordPress.com. I have decided to disable comments (which is not the only way in which John Gruber is a huge inspiration).  If you have something to say, I recommend two courses of action: start your own blog, or start a conversation on Twitter.  I’m over there as @dnord.

More information can be found at my personal site, dnord.com.