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Sometimes I write posts that are about nothing except the blog.  This is one of those.

I used to have a blog somewhere else.  If you go back to the old site, you see stuff back to 1999.  True story.

I’ve run my own software, Blogger, Movable Type, TypePad, WordPress, and Tumblr.  They have positives and negatives.

One thing I will say: I don’t think I’ll run blogging software on my own servers anymore.  Blogging software, in particular, is fussy to upgrade, and older versions are susceptible to attack.  At the old place, there were PHP attacks that I couldn’t figure out for months, and I guess that’s leaving aside the gobs of comment spam.  A problem for years and years.  I’m giving a shot, as that abstracts away all of the software.

The last two jobs I’ve had have asked me to write a little bit online.  (Why did they want that?  That’s a story for another time.)  So I have, and those efforts have been promoted or leveraged, and I’m not sure they’ve done much for me.

This site exists to let me do a little bit of that, but this time for myself.

The topics should be fairly familiar: I think I’m going to leave my family out of this, and I don’t think you care how my weekend was.  But I think, otherwise, I can find things to say about software development, soft skills, technology generally, and maybe little personal bits about music and language.

And, failing that, I can always write about the blog.

Enough for now.  Thanks for stopping by.